Have a Question or Special Request?

We respect the fact that most people have very limited time by which to communicate discreetly, so we try our best to reply promptly to all Date Requests and/or inquiries; MOST importantly, however, we understand that the intimate desires you might share with us will likely be the most private you will ever share with someone else, and so we don't ever-EVER outsource or automate our methods of communication to ensure that you feel MOST comfortable - e.g., have no doubts that you most certainly will be communicating with either or both of us! That said, if you have any questions or special requests you'd like to run by us before scheduling a date through our Rates/Booking Page, please do your best to release all lingering inhibitions before contacting us via the following:

Call or Text us at: 9172807779;

E-mail us at: biancaandrob@gmail.com; or if you just want to see us ASAP,

Go straight to our Rates/Booking Page.

**By the way, even if you decide to contact someone else, we STRONGLY encourage you to RESEARCH!**