Bianca and Rob

We're a married couple that decided a few years ago to seek out new ways by which to "spice up" our dull sex life. During this erotic exploration phase, we committed a series of increasingly naive and even comic "search snafus" which eventually led us to impulsively submit an online ad.  We have since gone on to become the top rated male/female escort duo in the world.  

Several factors helped boost our ascension into the top spot of Adult Companionship, the least important of which is our looks. Let's face it: You can seek for and find gorgeaous "centerfolds" and "porn stars" online willing to provide you with a bit of their time; but, what makes us special is that we go WAY beyond your typical "wham-bam, thank you, m'am" experience - we're more interested in sharing and enjoying an uninhibited moment of human interaction, self-expression, and self-discovery.

We never market or describe ourselves as "elite [and/or] exclusive VIP companions catering only to discerning gentlemen of exquisite taste" because... well, we apparently missed the cookie-cutter memo? Nor do we have "assistants" as we'd never outsource the most intimate communication you'd likely ever have. 

In essence: Life is too short to continue repressing or deferring your innermost desires. We have a gifted skill-set for fantasy assessment and fulfillment; but, what has truly been rewarding is discovering our own sexual enlightenment while helping others attain theirs, which has certainly made for an epic erotic journey.  

If you'd like to be a part of our journey, Contact Us any time (preferably after 12pm, but BEFORE 10pm daily...). The best part is that even if we don't ever get to meet, at least you'll have made contact with two people who will do their best to lead you in the right direction. 

**PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON ANY ADS WITHIN THIS SITE (We're trying to figure out WHY ads suddenly started popping up...)**

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